Dynamic Sculpture: A poetic imagination of pure physicality

Rather than using dance as a form of narration, the dance is presented in its pure state in front of the audience. Continuing the decade-long choreography project entitled “Free Steps” of choreographer Su Weijia, this is a pursuit of the pinnacle of rhythm to feel the fine changes in the body in-between moments. By combining movement with sound, light and form in the most delicate of ways, it redefines contemporary choreography’s ways and conventions while also encouraging the viewer to freely associate and feel the performance in front of them, creating an alternative perspective outside of intellect and logic. The works in this series are also created in accordance with the performer’s own habits, characteristics and malleability, delicately sculpting the dancers’ forms and exploring an unseen side of their abilities. Through the durational works, the performer’s body transforms slowly and intricately. It is simultaneously set in a specific time in an outdoor environment and in dialogue with the movement of people, space and light in the public arena, creating a viewing experience akin to that of viewing an outdoor sculpture – only more organic and dynamic.

Show Synopsis

FreeSteps – NiNi

FreeSteps – NiNi marks the beginning of the sixth year of Su Wei Chia’s decade-long choreography project. By stepping out of the theatre and walking into the hustle and bustle of the outside world, it means that you will have a chance on meeting a dancer under the streetlight at a corner of the city – where the temperature, lighting, landscape and passersby… are all materials for the dancers to work with. Whether it is dancing by spreading or curling up the body, or with radiating elation or with throbbing pain – the texture of the body becomes phantasmagorical, the dance steps and lines eddy and flow, the shadows cast on the body as the light moves and shimmers – all together carry through a body sculpture that is working in progress.

FreeSteps – NiNi is in the pursuit of the purest essence, for it will bring about the most enlivening sense of freedom. Irrespective of its purpose, concept, allegory; without expectations for any exceedingly meticulous arrangements; and to cast aside any deeply ingrained imaginations, expectations and presuppositions – this is an enthralling battle between the dance steps and the body. Please bring along the courage of letting your imagination run free. You may, in the flash of the moment, run into the purest form of sensation that moves your heart, one which only you can feel.

Creative Team

Dancer: Fang Yu Ting
Choreographer: Su Wei Chia
Sound Design: Yannick Dauby
Lighting Design: Liu Chia Ming


FreeSteps – NiNi Outdoor Screening [ended]
Date: 16 Oct (Sat) – 17 Oct (Sun)
Time: 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Venue: Laundry Steps, Tai Kwun
Outdoor screening, Free of charge 

Online Screening [ended]
Screening Date: 4 Oct (Mon) – 17 Oct (Sun)
Enrollment: Online enrollment is needed.
Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza

#DANCELESS complex – Dynamic Sculpture

FreeSteps Workshop by Su Wei Chia [ended]

Su Wei-Chia began decade-long choreography project known as FreeSteps in 2013, and through exploring the interplay between contours, dance steps, stylization, rhythm, music and light, it pursues the delicacy and limits of a dancer’s body. Through rehearsals with dancers and learning from one another in the process, various methodologies have been collated which are categorized into: 《形狀的創造》 (“Creation of Forms”) 、《跟上與讓開》 (“Catch-up and Go”)、《協調的探索》(“Exploring Co-ordination”)、《覺察、經驗、資料庫》(“Mindfulness, Experience and Database”)、 《身體選擇權》(“My Body My Choice”). The workshop incorporates some of these methodologies in its teaching. Participants are invited to explore their bodies through the freedom of dance, creating infinite possibilities together.

Workshop Leader: Su Wei Chia
Workshop Assistant: Fang Yu Ting

Date:15 Oct (Fri)

Professional Dancers Session

Time: 3 – 5pm
Venue: JC Cube, Tai Kwun

Public Participants Session
(Aged over 12)

Time: 7:30 – 9pm
Venue: JC Cube, Tai Kwun
Fee: Free of charge

Date: 16 Oct (Sat)

Elderly Participants Session
(Aged over 50)

Time: 10:30am – 12nn
Venue: JC Cube, Tai Kwun
Fee: Free of charge

Public Participants Session
(Aged over 12)

Time: 3 – 4:30pm
Venue: JC Cube, Tai Kwun
Fee: Free of charge

The workshops will be conducted in Mandarin.

SU Wei-Chia