Bodily Games: Sound and Physicality

Henrique Furtado and Aloun Marchal, both creators and performers, use games to create and transform their work into one that explores the relationship between sound, movement and meaning. Sounds made by the performers become the principal axis of the performance, evoking associations in the audience through a series of sounds – ranging from soothing lullabies to thundering howls – synchronized with physical movements. The sounds gradually transmute through constant repetitions, replacing static interpretations with mobile meaning. The audience is led to open their senses and use sound as a tool to connect altogether the two bodies, the dance vocabulary and the imagery of the work.

Show Synopsis

Bibi Ha Bibi 

Bibi Ha Bibi is a male duet in the tradition of western popular theater. It is grotesque and funny at the same time, as it is backed by a very precise vocal and movement score. Two men divert the codes of male face-to-face confrontation into sound and movement poetry. 

Bibi Ha Bibi explores a wide range of sounds and movements with clashing styles, from sports fighting to teasing childish games, from rumbling noises to lullabies, from straightforward breathing to bestial yelling. Based on listening, mimicry and exchange of movements, the “pas de deux” of Bibi Ha Bibi glides from controlled violence to sensuality.

Creative Team

Conception and interpretation: Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado
Costumes: Camille Rosa in collaboration with Rozenn Lamand
Dramaturgy: Céline Cartillier
Musical collaboration: Jerzy Bielski
Light design: Eduardo Abdala (sometimes replaced by Manuel Abrantes)
Transmission of inuit songs: Marie-Pascale Dubé
Transmission of belly dance: Estela Ferreira
Transmission of wrestling: Bruno ‘Bammer’ Brito
Production: Possibilitas (SE), Siège (FR)
Coproductions : La Place de la Danse CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie (Toulouse/FR) within “[dna] departures and arrivals”, co-financed by europe creative program of the european union, Göteborgs dans & teater Festival (Göteborg/SE), Atalante (SE)


Online Screening [ended]
Screening Date:23 September (Thurs) – 6 October (Wed)
Enrollment: Online enrollment is needed.
Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza


Residencies Alkantara (PT), EKA Palace (PT), TPE de Bezons (FR), Théâtre Louis Aragon (FR), Ménagerie de Verre (FR), Vitlycke – centre of Performing arts (SE), La Briqueterie CDC du Val-de-Marne (FR)

Supports Västra Götalandsregionen (SE), Göteborgs stad Kultur (SE), Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT), Fundação GDA (PT), Spedidam (FR), Writing support with Sacd Beaumarchais (FR), Production support with Sacd (FR), Drac ile-de-France (FR)

#DANCELESS complex – Bodily Games

Bibi Ha Bibi Studio Screening [ended]

An exclusive studio screening will be held in the studio of Unlock Dancing Plaza for audiences who would like to watch the recording of Bibi Ha bibi, hoping to share the work to the public in a more discursive context.

Date:10 Sep (Fri)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Unlock Dancing Plaza
Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza

Chan Wai Lok x Li Ka Man x Henrique Furtado x Aloun Marchal
Residency: Work-in-Progress Presentation [ended]

The residency invites local choreographers Chan Wai Lok and Li Ka Man and overseas choreographers Henrique Furtado and Aloun Marchal to work together in two weeks, and have a presentation at the end of the residency. The project started last year from Zoom meetings to exchange ideas , hoping to find out the commonality from different cultural contexts and their concerns. Multimedia artist Lawrence, who is one of the creators of LIVE, will also come into the process to provide advice on sound and use of multimedia, trying to open up more perspectives towards the subjects they are interested in.

Date:30 Sep (Thur)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Unlock Dancing Plaza
Fee: $50

Henrique Furtado
Aloun Marchal
Chan Wai Lok
Li Ka Man