Space and Perspective: The Multiple Representations of Theatre Performance

Performance art is “live”, and every repetition of the same movement is unique and new. Even in the same time and space, different perspectives bring different interpretations to the viewer. As such, how can the present meaning of the work be documented? How is meaning twisted and distorted through being reproduced and represented in various media such as photography and video? Are new meanings being created through the representations?

South Korean choreographers Choi Min-sun and Kang Jin-an specialize in deconstructing space and perspective of “movement”. Multiple portrayals of reality and representations are constructed through the medium of videography. The deconstruction of the process where meaning is produced during the performance is presented in a humorous and witty manner, which is further extended to the nature and blind spots of “viewing”, “perspective”, “space” and time”, thereby giving the work a veneer of contemporary meaning and interpretation.

Show Synopsis


“Can objects out of our sight be controlled?” Creation of Complement started with this question, trying to unravel it with the eyes of the viewer as to how we are reacting to what is unpredictable

Repetition plays the key role in the performance, with the co-existence of performers, camera and moving images, different points of view and multiple meanings of the same event are constructed as the performance unfolds itself, time and space become the vehicle to generate meanings and expectation, while the performers’ presence and actions alter them, together Complement takes the audience to a journey with unknowns, surprises and moments of contemplation.

Creative Team

Choreography and Direction: Choi Min Sun, Kang Jin An
Performance: Choi Min Sun, Kang Jin An, Kim Tae Gyeong
International Relations: Jang Soo Hye


Online Screening [ended]
Screening Date:11 Nov (Thurs) – 24 Nov (Wed)
Enrollment: Online enrollment is needed. The enrollment details will announce later.
Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza

#DANCLESS complex – Space and Perspective

Complement Studio Screening [ended]

An exclusive studio screening will be held in the studio of Unlock Dancing Plaza for audiences who would like to watch the recording of Complement, hoping to share the work to the public in a more discursive context.

Date:11 Nov (Thur)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Unlock Dancing Plaza
Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza

Residency: Joseph Lee x KT Yau & Choi x Kang Project

This is a collaborative research project by four choreographers: Joseph Lee, KT Yau (HK), Minsun Choi, Jinan Kang (KR) as part of #DANCELESS complex by Unlock Dancing Plaza, co-produced by Choi x Kang Project, and sponsored by Arts Council Korea. This project consists of two phases of residency in both Seoul and Hong Kong, yet, the first stage in Seoul was hindered by the situation of pandemic and turned into an online virtual residency of four weeks instead as a preliminary preparation for their collaboration in Hong Kong in 2021. The process, outcomes and reflections are organised and archived on the following website for the public to access, aiming to shed light on cross-cultural collaboration and the significance of artist residency.

In 2021, these four choreographers will gather (face-to-face or virtually) again to review the process and propose possible ways to create a work together, and lastly share with the public.

Choi X Kang Project
Joseph Lee
KT Yau